The Holitaph

The HolitaphOn an innocuous Tuesday morning, quality engineer Dylan Bruce arrives at his everyday job at an electronics company, but quickly finds himself plunged into an adventure that flings him across the universe.  Merdal, an alien thought dead and now returned from eons trapped in the fourteenth dimension, craves the power to twist the nature of time and destroy reality.

A victim of astonishing circumstance, Dylan learns he is inextricably linked to both Merdal and the very fabric of the universe itself, standing in the way of Merdal’s strategy for ultimate control.  With the help of multidimensional interstellar allies, Dylan must embark on a mission to defeat Merdal and save the universe.  Traversing everything from a desert plain, an underwater cavern, and a forested mountain—all on different planets—Dylan deals with instant danger, deadly disease, and even with the oblivion of open space, on an adventure for which he neither asked nor prepared.  Struggling with the weight of this new and overwhelming responsibility, Dylan grapples with a basic question: is he up to it?  Is he really the one to rescue the cosmos?

With Merdal and his henchmen, the Galderinx, at his heels, Dylan and his friends race across vast expanses of space to piece together the puzzle that will overcome Merdal’s ancient sorcery.  Along the way, Dylan encounters a myriad of strange and powerful alien beings; some friendly, some not so much.  When he meets Faldra, the gorgeous and intriguing woman who helps Dylan understand his connection to all life through the Stream of Consciousness, the stakes take an unpredictable turn.  Dylan digs deep to discover what he’s made of and what it will take to meet this challenge head-on.  At risk is nothing less than the fate of the universe.  Through it all, the critical element at the core of Dylan’s quest remains a black cube—a fabled artifact known as the Holitaph.

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