Eve of Demons

Eve of DemonsRachel Lake’s mother, Suzanne, suffers an untimely death.  But is she really gone?

In the wake of her mother’s death, Rachel has no time to grieve in peace as an unseen entity launches her on a spiraling descent into terror.  Rachel feels the presence of her mother, reassuring her that everything will be all right, but there’s more—bizarre, terrifying mental images she can’t explain.  To Rachel’s horror, people begin dying.  By her hand.  Through episodes of terrifying possession, she is powerless to prevent the invading presence from forcing her to commit gruesome murders.

But the presence inside her is Suzanne, her mother.  How can that be?

Throughout Rachel’s life, she never met her father, anthropologist and Maya expert Jason Caldwell.  Suzanne told her Jason was dead.  Suzanne’s passing brings them together for the first time, and Jason becomes embroiled in the astounding mystery of Rachel’s turmoil.  Jason’s investigation leads them to the legend of Lilith, the legendary demonic figure of Hebrew folklore.  Could there be a connection between Suzanne and the ageless myth?

With Suzanne assaulting Rachel’s consciousness at will, Jason and Rachel discover clue upon clue revealing a plan to plunge mankind into an impending eternity of torture.  Suzanne has a plan—and the ability—to flood the Earth with demons, and Rachel is at the center of that scheme.

Cultural legends merge and clash as Jason must decipher an ancient Mayan text and weave it together with Hebrew folklore to unlock the secret of Suzanne’s true identity.  Rachel’s pivotal role in the demonic plan crystallizes while the alarming evidence they encounter relentlessly builds in a crescendo of supernatural suspense.  As the deadline for catastrophe approaches, can Jason and Rachel stay alive long enough to protect the world from an endless horde of terrifying creatures?

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